Vacation to Rest

“I think even God rested on the 7th day.”  -Joey Tribbiani

REST.  It is a big deal, and I’m about to tell you what I think about it, and how much I actually rest…

F1687060-093D-42B6-AC4F-1103DFDF66AEIf you’re one that loves to jam pack your schedule, go go go, see all there is to see and sleep 6 hours a night, I admire your energizer bunny-ness.  But this post may not be for you. However, if you are like me, love your sleep, your lazy Sundays, and cherish your rest time, read on.

I just returned from a fantastic vacation in Ireland.  My sister and I took a full 8 days to explore all that Dublin has to offer.  And you know what? We slept A LOT. We relaxed in the b&b quite a bit, allowing ourselves 12-14 hours of sleep each night.  We got massages, facials and went to yoga. We did walk all around Dublin, drank good Irish beer and saw the sights. BUT, when we missed out on something because we were resting, we didn’t panic.  It wasn’t about packing as much as we could into the day but more about feeling good, having fun and going with the flow.

EC0A3FAA-E333-4AC9-8AD1-6D9476384F7AAnd here is my point:  vacation to refresh yourself (and relax!).  If you’re going to take the time off of your daily schedule, and especially pay to have a vacation, let it be a true vacation.  Slow down a little bit, sleep a little extra, do a little less.

But the funny thing is, slowing down can be uncomfortable!  The bings of our phone, the hurrying to the next thing, the go go go, it fuels us (even if it also distracts us).  It’s like, we need the busyness. Turning off the phone, not having anything to do, simply resting: all of that can be hard to do.  Especially if you are more on the energizer bunny end of things.

So, start small.  You can even start without a vacation… Let yourself sleep a little extra, whether that means going to bed early, or waking up a little later (weekends are best for that.  Bosses don’t seem to like it when you all of the sudden come in an hour later, trust me). Keep your schedule a little lighter: instead of making loads of plans, give yourself a day to just do what feels good.  Go for a walk, get a massage, sit outside with your coffee and read a book.

And maybe, turn your phone off.  Just for a few hours. This one is especially tough for me.  I like being reachable. But not having the bing of notifications for a week made me realize, I don’t need to be available all the time.  The world will go on without me checking my phone. And let’s be honest, I’m usually on instagram, not taking urgent calls. So, the social media can wait a few hours while I rest, unplug, and just be.  

72159195-4B2E-4081-99BE-5D9BBA1962DFAs for real life:  I sleep 9-10 hours a night, and at least 12 on weekends.  I love my afternoon naps on Sundays (and Saturdays if I feel like).  I always make sure I have at least 1 or 2 evenings during the week reserved for myself.  For walks with my puppy, for catching up on my favorite books, for cooking a delicious meal.  I do love to be busy, to have social plans and go run errands and check things off my to do list.  But, I find that if I balance that with rest, it all just feels so much better. And you will too!

So, here is my next challenge:  4-8 hours of airplane mode on my phone, every week.  EEEK! But let’s be real, I know once I do it, I’ll want more.  Because, rest matters. Slowing down and relaxing is vital. Who is with me?!        



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