Untie Your Shoes

Want to improve your life?

Untie your shoes before you take them off.

True story: I used to kick off my shoes without untying them.  The next time I went to put them on, I would feel SO frustrated because I had to untie them.  It made my mornings harder. Especially if I was running late (happens more than I’d like, who am I kidding?!) And then instead of starting my day with ease, having everything go my way, I’d start with resistance, with angst, with frustration.

Then one day, when I got home after a long (hard) day, I decided to untie my shoes before I kicked them off.  Simple enough. You know what happened? Not much. But I did have the slightest feeling of accomplishment- for being intentional even when I was tired.  And silly side note, my feet felt better. It was much more comfortable to take my shoes off once they were untied (you know, like they were designed).

I didn’t notice the real difference until the next morning.  I hopped out of bed and rushed to get ready for work: brushed teeth, dressed, put on my watch.  At the bottom of my closet were my tennis shoes, ready for me, with untied strings. I quickly slipped them on, tied them up and headed out.  It was so EASY! And I didn’t have an ounce of frustration. That little moment made a difference in my mood and impacted my whole day. I felt ease and flow, like things were just going my way.

img_1678-1So, listen.  Every decision you make in this moment will either make life easier for your future self, or harder.  Let me tell you again. Every choice we make right now impacts our future selves, for better or for worse.  So, are you making choices that make tomorrow better? More ease, more joy, more flow, more happy, more intentional, more supported.  Or are you making life harder for your future self? Will you have to deal with the consequences of the poor choices you are making right now?  

It may take extra effort, more intention, or work, to make good choices (that improve your future), but the results will pay off.  Because all choices, big and small, are leading you to your future life. And you will care. Your choices matter.

So, untie your shoes before you take them off.  Live life like that.



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